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We offer a free ALIG-40 batch with live, interactive classes & personal guidance especially for B.A.LLB & B.A(Hons) AMU.


Our Course Offerings


6 Months Course

Alig Foundation provides specialized guidance for B.A.LL.B entrance exam prep. Our curriculum, faculty, and training develop legal studies, critical thinking, and problem- solving skills. Our personalized guidance and exam strategies help students excel in their journey. Those students who will secure the Top-20 Rank in the B.A.LL.B entrance examination of Alig Foundation will get admission in the (ALIG-40) Batch which is free of cost.


4 Months  course

Prepare for B.A (Hons) entrance exams with Alig Foundation. Our experienced faculty provides guidance, study materials, mock tests, and mentoring to help you excel and secure admission to your desired program. Those students who will secure the Top-20 Rank in the B.A(Hons) entrance examination of Alig Foundation will get admission in the (ALIG-40) Batch which is free of cost.

Our Rankers!

Our Rankers!

Why Learn With Us?

Why Learn With Us?


Live interactive classes five days a weaktion.


Every sunday doubt session & mock test.


15 full syllabus mocks & 50+ sectional mocks.


The Best quality of study material is made available.


24×7 Mentoring by our mentors & experienced faculties.


Daily quiz practice on Telegram by our experts.

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Gufran Chaudhary

Gufran Chaudhary



Aashiq Chaudhary

Aashiq Chaudhary

LL.M, (JMI) ; (RCA, AMU)

Offline entrance exam conducted at Aligarh

About US

Our Story

ALIG FOUNDATION was founded on a special day, “International Day of Education” on January 24th, 2023. The idea for this foundation came from our Telegram Group, “AMU UNOFFICIAL HELPDESK” which has been active on Telegram since 2020. Through this group, our team has assisted 700+ students in the last two years in their admission process to AMU. On the evening of 23rd January 2023, our whole team discussed the importance of education especially in rural areas, and how we could make a difference. After a lively discussion over tea, we decided to come together and create a platform to guide needy students who lack proper guidance and coaching to achieve their dream universities. Each member of the Alig Foundation has mentored plethora of students in his/her personal capacity and now we offer courses of B.A.LL.B and B. A (Hons) entrance examination preparation. We are excited to continue our mission of helping students achieve their dreams and making education accessible to all.






What Our Students Say

It won’t be wrong to point out that one of the best coaching centres to crack the entrance exam of B.A.L.L.B is ALIG FOUNDATION. Study material and mock tests helped me a lot to build up my weaknesses. Moreover interactive sessions and daily quiz programs are unique ones that we can’t find in other coaching institutes. At last, I thank the team alig for helping me to secure my dream law University.

ML Shaukat Ali


I express heartfelt gratitude to the Alig Foundation for their pivotal role in my selection for B.A(Hons) Political Science at AMU, realizing my academic dreams. Their unwavering support and commitment to education have been instrumental. I am truly thankful for the foundation’s contribution to this significant milestone in my educational journey. Thank you sincerely.

Zarnain Rafi

B.A(Hons), AMU

I am grateful for the guidance and support I received from Alig Foundation, Their study materials were comprehensive. and the faculty members were knowledgeable and approachable. The mock tests helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, while the personalized mentoring kept me motivated throughout the preparation process. Thanks to Alig Foundation, I achieved success in the B.A.LL.B entrance exam

Md Faizan E Mustafa


I elated to share that I have been selected in B.A(Hons) at the AMU. This achievement would not be possible without the guidance of the Team Alig Foundation.
The dedication and expertise of the faculty and numerous practice sessions, mock tests, oral tests many more significantly enhanced my preparation.


Sumaiya Parween

B.A(Hons), AMU

Being a part of Alig Foundation’s B.A(Hons) entrance exam preparation was a game-changer. The faculty’s expertise und personalized guidance helped me navigate through the exam syllabus with ease. The regular mock tests provided valuable practice, and the mentoring support was exceptional. Thanks to Alig Foundation, I got accepted into my dream B.A(Hons) program.

Rehma Khatoon

B.A(Hons), AMU

About Foundation’s study materials were incredibly comprehensive and well-organized. With the guidance of their experienced faculty. I felt well-prepared for the B.A.LL.B entrance exam. The mock tests helped me assess my progress. and build my confidence. Thanks to the Alig Foundation, I secured admission to my desired law program.

Saman Mushtar


About the Course Offered!

Alig Foundation, where academic excellence meets personalized guidance. We take pride in offering specialized coaching for B.A.LL.B & B.A(Hons) empowering students to navigate their academic journey with confidence. Our dedicated team of experienced educators is committed to nurturing your potential and fostering a learning environment that goes beyond the ordinary.

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The Institute operates independently, devoid of any financial support from external institutions or foundations.